Creative Megamchine - Learn the secrets and techniques of the world's best creatives with W+K Veteran Jason Bagley
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W+K Veteran Jason Bagley

“I consider myself the luckiest man in advertising (see how happy I look in the picture!). I got to spend 16 years working on some of the best brands in the world, alongside some of the best creatives in the world. I learned that there are certain characteristics and practices that all extraordinary creatives share. CREATIVE MEGAMACHINE will teach you the mindsets, philosophies, and creative processes shared by the best creatives in the world. Come hang out with me for 8 weeks and I will personally train, coach, mentor, and give you everything you need to rapidly learn how to do the best work of your life.

-Jason Bagley

W+K Veteran Jason Bagley

To provide a quality mentoring experience, class sizes of CREATIVE MEGAMACHINE are limited and sell out quickly


Creative Megamchine

Taking Jason’s Creative Megamachine class was the single greatest thing that I could have done for my career. Being a fresh junior copywriter, I’ve learned tricks and practices that have helped me to be a better creative and that will continue to help me as I master my craft. 

A couple of weeks into the class, as I started to incorporate the things that Jason taught, an account lead that I was pitching ideas to at work said, “this is some of the most diverse range of thinking and ideas I’ve ever seen on a brief.” I fully attribute that complement to Jason and the things that he taught me in ASAP. 

Plus we got to hear a lot about Jason’s close friendship with Fabio! 

Dallin Slavens, Associate Copywriter at The Martin Agency

Taking Creative Megamachine with Jason Bagley is like learning to shoot 3’s with Steph Curry or baking scones with Paul Hollywood. You’re getting exposure (and learning the secrets) from a GOAT.

Jason will deconstruct award winning work, break down his process and help you be the best version of your creative self.

Break the piggy bank, beg your HR department, sell those unused Herman Miller office chairs…do what ever you need to do to have this experience. You’ll quite possibly learn more about being a prolific creative in 8 weeks with him than in an entire 18 years on the job.

He did not pay me to write this.

Curtis Petraglia, Creative Director at The Many 

Creative Megamachine is a backstage pass to some of the most iconic, famous work in the biz. Jason has created a soup to nuts program that covers the step by step process to craft the best possible work. It begins at a high level around changing your mindset and pushing your work ethic. Then, ends with Jason's collection of prescriptive cheat codes to improve everything from headlines and taglines to scripts and activations. No matter your level, you'll walk away with a fire in your belly to create the best work of your life and the tools to push creative to the extreme. And there's more! Through open forum Q/A, you'll learn extra tips like how to persuade everyone from your own team to clients to get onboard with your audacious ideas. It's truly a comprehensive curriculum that anyone in the industry would benefit from. Highly recommend. 5 stars and 5 thumbs way up.

Che-Na Stephenson, Group Creative Director at Venables Bell and Partners

I’ve found Creative Megamachine to be incredibly impactful. From using Jason and friends’ techniques to turn a good script into a great one to identifying and shaping my own voice as a creative, I’ve learned a lot. And I feel like I’ve grown a ton in a relatively short amount of time. All said and done, Creative Megamachine has all the ingredients of a great script--amazing insight, explosions, airtight strategy, things blowing up, lots of fun and also, Terry Crews. Anyway, you should take the class. Unless you hate great advertising. Then, it’s probably not for you.  

Al Duggan, Senior Copywriter at HeyLet'sGo

Remember when working in advertising was fun? Good. That's the way it's supposed to be. And on top of providing great advice to help you be a successful creative in advertising, Creative Megamachine also reminds you that it's ok to love what you do. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned vet, Creative Megamachine breaks down each lesson into easily digestible steps to push you to be the best, most prolific, most creative version of yourself.

Mike Blanch, Group Creative Director at TBWAChiatDay

It’s too soon to say if the lessons I’ve learned at the Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits will bring me the fame, fortune and license to kill that creator and instructor Jason Bagley has promised. But I can say with absolute certainty that my career will be forever well-served by his fantastic eight-week Creative Megamachine course. Above all, Jason is a generous, thoughtful and methodical teacher. You’ll also find him honest, forthright and fun. Beyond two triplicates of glowing adjectives, you’ll discover that he possesses the power to reprogram your brain. He’ll reveal the secrets behind the creation of some of the most famous advertising ever. And he'll walk you through every step of the process in transforming you into an idea megamachine. Leap into the reality distortion field and learn how to do the best work of your life. He’ll help you find your creative voice and push you to be more prolific than The Beatles on LSD … multiplied by ten.  

Jason McKean, SVP Group Creative Director at McCann

The A.S.A.P. program has been everything I was looking for – in two different ways.
In one way, I was looking for an inspiring and lasting shake-up in the way I’m working as a creative and copywriter. I was hoping for battle-tested methods, techniques, mindsets and approaches I’ve never even thought or heard of before. Something new that would help me with my ambitions. I got that.

In another way, I thought it would be nice to get some kind of confirmation out of this as well. You know, a moment where you’re in the middle of a lesson and you go “hooray, I’m already doing it like that! I’m not a complete failure!!” I got that, too. And it makes a huge difference to hear someone like Jason say out loud what you’ve been thinking and suspecting for years. It made me much more confident to double down on certain things and fully lean into it.

All you need to know is that I hesitated before I signed up, because of the price tag. Turns out, the first lesson alone was already worth every single cent. The classes that followed just made it invaluable. I feel like I got lessons for a lifetime.

And maybe another thing you need to know: Since I took the course while being in Vienna, Austria, I had to get up at 2:15 am for the live classes every Monday and Wednesday. 2:15! AM! Do you know how painful an alarm sounds at 2:15 am? Of course you don’t! I fucking love to sleep. But I got up anyway. That’s how good this program is.

Stars: 5 out of 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (the good sparkling ones even!)

Robert Wagenlechner, Freelance Copywriter

The things Jason teaches during the course aren’t rocket science. Then again, you’re probably not that into rockets in the first place. However, if you’re a creative shooting for the moon Creative Megamachine™ is for you. You’ll learn a ton of practical plug-and-play style tips and tricks to immediately improve your creative output, but also a mindset that’ll help you eclipse your peers creatively in the long run. In keeping with the astronomical theme of this review, I’d give A.S.A.P a solid 5/5 stars.

Jan Sederlöf, Creative Director at Reaktor Creative

As a junior creative, It’s really nice to receive an overload of wisdom and knowledge from an advertising veteran who wants me to be successful. It’s also nice to receive mentorship from 14 different creatives each with unique experience. But it’s the nicest to hear cool stories about artifacts Jason has collected on his bookcase. The money spent was well worth it, I am honestly more excited now than I was in real school about my future in the ad industry.

5 stars.

James Kunzler, Creative, Art Director at Mirimar Creative Group

Jason's course is worth it for creatives at any point of their career as long as they are fascinated by what makes great work 33x better than really good work. Not only do you learn successful approaches to the creative process, but you are also constantly reminded that being a creative is, and should be, more fun and interesting than all the other jobs you would otherwise be doing. I give it 5 Stars! BIG stars. SUPERGIANT stars. Those are the biggest ones out there."  

John Pope, Associate Creative Director, Union

I’m a huge fan of Jason’s work since a long time ago. To be honest, his level of creativity is a standard that I always look up to. And I’m super curious about how his mind is functioning. Now I feel so lucky to understand it. This MEGACLASS has restored a belief in myself about being crazy again. It’s also a creative recharge fueled with Jason’s black magic tricks to prepare you to push everything to the highest madness. Save your seats to be a few lucky ones under his force.

Khoa Pham, Creative Director at TBWAGroup Vietnam

ASAP immediately caught my attention as a jump-start, kick-in-the-pants, put your money where your mouth is, fall back in love with what you do, kind of class.  From the first meeting, it has been a treasure-trove of educational inspiration that I have already started seeing benefits from on a daily basis.  My classmates are an interesting mix of creatives from across the world, and I look forward to our bi-weekly check-ins, all in the name of DOING GREAT WORK!  The guest speakers have been beyond informative and inspirational in their own special way.  Bottom line- I AM INSPIRED!  If you hesitate to join this class, you are not ready for what's in store.  If you are ready to start the first day of the rest of your life, start it with Jason Bagley and the Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits!!

Dylan Steinberg, Director/Founder at Dream Machine Creative