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W+K Veteran Jason Bagley

“Walk in stupid every morning” is a famous Dan Wieden quote because Dan is a student of revolutionary ideas, and he knew that it’s rarely the “experts” that have them.

We creatives can be insecure and afraid of looking stupid. We’re surrounded by brilliant, talented people who are tapped into the latest styles and trends, have seen all the cool movies, and read all the good books. We’re terrified we’re going to be caught not knowing the latest meme, band, or book people are talking about. We think that a prerequisite to being a great creative is being some kind of all-knowing cultural deity, and an expert on everything.

Well I have great news for you. You don’t.

Stupidity is your strength, and the more you embrace it, the better your work will be.

Years ago, Wieden+Kennedy Portland ECD’s Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman put Dan’s philosophy into practice when they made Joe Staples one of the CD’s on the recently won Chrysler account. Chrysler is an American car company. Joe Staples is a British cyclist, who didn’t have a driver’s license,and had never owned a car. Every expert in the world would tell you Joe made zero sense for that brand. But from a Wieden+Kenney perspective, Joe made perfect sense. Because what Joe did have were a ruthless curiosity and fearless honesty. As a result, he saw things like no expert could and helped lead the brand to the amazing, and unbelievably counter-intuitive “Imported From Detroit” campaign.

“Knowledge can be a subtle curse. When we learn about the world, we also learn all the reasons why the world cannot be changed. We get used to our failures and imperfections. We become numb to the possibilities of something new. ”

—Jonah Lehrer

If you want to do great work, stop trying to be the coolest, smartest person in the room. Instead, be as honest as a drunk person or a 3-year old. Don’t be afraid of looking stupid, and say exactly what you're thinking.

Instead of trying to be the smartest, be the most curious person in the room. Ask the most questions. Be the most honest and vulnerable. That’s where the truth is. That’s where the comedy is. That’s where the drama is. And that’s where the great work is.


What past participants say about the program:

“If you’re nervous that ASAP isn’t worth the time or money, you’re right—it’s more than worth both. It’s that book you open expecting to find knowledge, but instead someone has hidden a grenade inside. Jason obliterates the myth that great creatives are rare geniuses, and shows you the tools anyone can use to achieve astonishing results. Part psychology and part craft, every egoless lesson is packed with simple, actionable ways to propel your career and ideas far beyond what you thought was possible. Plus, Jason won’t hang up until every question is answered. 6 out of 5 stars. Like Old Spice blew Terry Crews’ mind, ASAP will do that for you.”

Kevin Lane, Creative Director at GSD&M

“The first day of A.S.A.P. felt like Michael Jordan of advertising was sitting in my corner, right next to me. And he is generously sharing the game's most valuable tips, tricks, secrets, and formulas that you cannot find anywhere else. It got better every week with the "Jason Talks to an Important Person" videos and Q/A sessions. Jason Bagley is a prolific mentor, and he wants me (and you) to be prolific creatives. Worth the price tag? Are you kidding?”
Moose (aka Mustafa Ulker) Freelance Copywriter

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